Agendus for Windows Outlook Edition

Agendus for Windows Outlook Edition 3.32

Add some spice to your Outlook with this cool plugin

Agendus for Windows, Outlook Edition v.3 adds pizazz to your Microsoft Outlook experience. If you have ever been frustrated with the limited, quirky ways Outlook shows your monthly and weekly schedule, or wished that Outlook could make it easier to find contacts, or quickly find all your past meetings with a particular person, then you will love Agendus for Outlook. Agendus provides scores of ways to view your calendar, contacts, notes, & tasks, and provides powerful linking and search functions to make it a snap to find the information you need to track!

Agendus for Outlook is for you if:

  • You live by your Outlook information, but you wish it worked the way you do
  • You want to customize your calendar view with options not available in Outlook
  • You wish Outlook had real contact-management features to allow you to associate Task items, Notes, Meetings, and Calls to Contacts, creating a powerful contact-history
  • You wish Outlook let you set icons, category colors, pictures and more to make reviewing and managing your information easier
  • You love the idea of a solution 100% Microsoft Outlook compatible
  • You would use more of Outlook's power if it was easier and more fun to use

Agendus for Outlook is a turbo-charged Microsoft Outlook Add-in that integrates directly with Microsoft Outlook, and efficiently adds easy access to hundreds of powerful, custom features for organizing your schedule, contacts and life! Freely customize your calendar interface with color themes and icons, filter and sort your contacts, and even edit and create icons for linking to calendar events, meetings, calls, notes, or tasks. With Agendus for Outlook, you'll enjoy an intuitive, familiar user-interface design based on Microsoft Outlook, with quick-access to the Agendus toolbar for one-click actions that run circles around the mundane ordinary Outlook experience. Agendus is so easy to use, you'll be up to speed in minutes, using our straightforward shortcuts to turbo-charge Microsoft Outlook information input.

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Agendus for Windows Outlook Edition


Agendus for Windows Outlook Edition 3.32

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